Reward Points

Uniko is proud to have a loyalty reward points system on our website.

How it works:

Register for a new account on the new website. You will receive 25 points for opening an account, you only need to create an account once.

For every £1 you spend (not including postage costs) you will receive 1 point.

Once you have accumulated 100 points this will be worth £1 off a future purchase. Or you can save your points up to purchase a product.

  • £5 set requires 500 points
  • £10 set requires 1000 points
  • £16 set requires 1600 points

You can use your accumulated points at any time, you do not have to have the full amount required as shown above. This is just an example of the quantity required to get a ‘free’ stamp set in your order.

Points can be earned through social media, such as liking a product on Facebook, Tweeting & Google+

Points can be earned for referring a friend to Uniko

New Customer Account points are added after your first order is placed. Unfortunately these are not added automatically & I have to add them manually. Please be patient with me, this is an extra admin job. If you feel that I have forgotten to add your points, please send me an email.


Points will not be earned when purchasing gift certificates.

Points earned while placing an order cannot be used on that order, they will be added to your account on order completion.

If you are not logged into your account when placing an order, you will not receive points on that order.

Uniko has the right to ban or restrict account holders from earning or redeeming points if Uniko deems the user/account holder to be abusing the system.